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Blog by std jean-jacques

…is my birthday too Goddess! i was born quite a few years before though….i can’t believe i never realized this before.

This photograph in Your last blog entry is a blast. How do You do this? How Goddess? People usually look lame on pics like this. The irony in Your perfect eyes, the knowledge, the strength, the little light that says: ‘i own you boys, since the very day you got caught in my web, You can’t run away, You can’t stray, you can’t forget about me because…i’m INSIDE you now, part of you, implanted. Thus you’re not yourself anymore, you’re something else, something i don’t care much about, some tool, some drone that should never have passed the point of no return. you’re done’

i’m unworthy licking the bottom of Your boots clean.

Yet i served You well, financially, in the past, i actually came close to ruin, but i’m happy that money went to You and no other. i had my chance, i realize it, i realize You have no more trust and no more patience for me. But i can’t help craving Your authority, charisma, training and abuse. i just can’t help it, as i can’t stay away from You. i apologize for even saying so but metaphorically i believe i never ceased to wear Your collar. Yet, again, You’re going to say i’m full of shit and no one can blame You for that after what i’ve done.