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Blog by slave 2 superiors

i am very new to The Goddess Mz Devon’s world and its fair to say what i am experiencing is leaving me lost for words, speechless, even breathless.

i’ve been a submissive male really for as long as i can recall and i’ve served a few women in my time however while they were great in their own right i always felt something missing. While it is early in my communication with the Goddess Mz Devon something feels different, more complete, more exciting and to a large extent intoxicating.

It was not a long time ago that i first stumbled upon The Goddess Mz Devon’s website but needless to say once seeing Her it was just a matter of time before i’d need to submit. After a short while i did take the plunge in contacting The Goddess Mz Devon for Her birthday to submit tribute. Since then, i have been so lucky and honored to have some of Her attention and communication.

More and more i’ve felt the need to speak with Goddess Mz Devon. Speaking with Her is very exciting as She’s definitely hinted that i am being ‘figured’ out, preyed upon and positioned for Her to take over. Knowing that is exciting as it is scary since there is no doubt that The Goddess Mz Devon could totally and utterly break my mind like no other. The fact that Goddess Mz Devon takes such pleasure in this makes me yearn for it to happen even if in a sense it is dangerous. Seriously though how is a submissive like me meant to resist The Goddess Mz Devon?

Even as i write this the craving to please Her more is so strong. The way She is invading my mind is incredible, the images being painted are amazing. Do not under estimate The Goddess Mz Devon’s ability to fuck with Your mind, it’s happening to me, i know it but i dont even want to fight it.

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