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Blog by obsessed in AU

Well its been a few months now since I first saw Mz Devon and my whole world has changed. my every waking moment(and my dreams) are full of thoughts about Her. I truly believe that no male, once he is exposed to Mz Devon, can ever be the same again. Normally sane, sensible thought is no longer possible. Every thought is only ever on who i can try and please, serve and honour Mz Devon. Today i have spent hours just gazing at some of clips as if in a trance. Watching Mz Devon running through Her thick,luxurious hair as she looks down on apon Her subjects just makes my mind numb.Her new breast obsession clip is enough to make me fall to me knees.

The rest of my time i have spent dreaming of have the immense priviledge an honour of serving Mz Devon in person. I can only imagine the joy of being able to clean Her house and tend to Her every need and She treats me with the complete disdain and disgust that all males deserve. Mz Devon You are truly the greatest and I thank You for the honour of being able to serve You in some small way.

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