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Blog by slave 2 superiors

It’s now been a week since i had the great honor of serving The Goddess Mz Devon. Serving Her was unbelievable, for me it was the most intense worship and service i’ve experienced. Now lots of women can put a sub in a good place for service but it takes an amazing woman to drive a sub crazy. That is exactly what Goddess Mz Devon does to me, She makes the need to please Her so great that rational thought goes out the window. It really is incredible, in order please Her i kept tributing more and more despite leaving myself with so little. Having said that there is no regret with serving The Goddess Mz Devon, just excitement for next time.

So here i am broke, as of last weeks draining which left me under $20 until payday and i’m still anxiously awaiting for my next chance to worship and tribute Goddess Mz Devon. In fact i can hardly wait for that feeling i get when She reduces me to a completely obedient, 100% submissive dedicated to Her. Truth is i feel much that way whenever i think of Her, which is often. However there is an even more intense, extreme feeling when Goddess Mz Devon is excited and sets Her sights on breaking my mind and bending my will to Hers.

Unless You’ve served Goddess Mz Devon it is probably hard to understand the level of intensity serving Her creates, but if You have then you understand perfectly and are just like me i’m sure.

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  1. Such a good boy you are proving to be. Prime example of the fun I have training you young boys. Mmmm deliciously easy to mold to my liking…keep it up my pet.

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