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Blog by slave 2 superiors

i knew i was in trouble with how weak and utterly desperate to please The Goddess Mz Devon i have been. Though what happened tonight totally took everything to a new level. i’m lost for words all i can say is wow!! The Goddess Mz Devon decided She was going to mind fuck me a little and use me for Her pleasure.

The Goddess Mz Devon painted some vivid pictures in my head so well that they felt real, it practically felt like i was there in front of Her, serving Her as She instructed. i was weak and so desperate to please Her, i sent The Goddess Mz Devon about 15 tributes all up and a total of $400 or so.. It was impossible to resist, as my Goddess pushed all the right buttons i felt totally trapped and compelled to tribute more over and over again that happened until The Goddess Mz Devon decided it was over.

i was left hard, horny and totally desperate but The Goddess Mz Devon got all the pleasure. Even now while i write this my balls are aching! Blue balls are not a pleasant feeling except for the fact that The Goddess Mz Devon is amused by my situation.

Yes to sum all this up i tributed a lot of money to The Goddess Mz Devon who then was satisfied while i am left aching for release. i know this sounds strange to some perhaps but for me its far more important that my Goddess is satisfied than myself and despite all this i loved every second. The important part is that The Goddess Mz Devon enjoyed Herself.

my mind has been totally blown tonight and even as i was informed that i have been ruined for other women it felt natural and right. Thank You Goddess Mz Devon you are perfect.

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  1. You’re actually starting to prove yourself.

    Try not to fuck that up and things will be peachy. Ha ha

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