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Blog by slave 2 superiors

i’ve now been very lucky and honored to serve Goddess Mz Devon on a couple occaisions and have communication with Her for a couple weeks almost. In this 2 weeks or so i’ve experienced what its like to have a Woman totally get into my thoughts.

For instance i went to my best friends birthday the other night. Earlier The Goddess Mz Devon had asked if there would be women there and when i responded that there would She told me to imagine they were Her. Obviously Goddess Mz Devon knew i could imagine then face disappointment when it becomes apparent they are nothing like Her. Still the fact is all through the party etc i had Goddess Mz Devon on my mind, dominating my thoughts. In fact i even considered leaving early on multiple occaisions but since it was my best friend i figured i should stay. In the end i was supposed to stay at my friends place but in the very early hours of the morning it was too much i wanted to go home and see if i could catch The Goddess Mz Devon. By this point i was pretty drunk and tired but i just had to get home in case i could catch Her, lucky for me i did, only briefly though, still completely worth it.

The best thing about all this having a wonderful, amazing Goddess in your mind all the time. It’s strange to completely crave Her attention and Her happiness even if it does put me in a tricky spot financially. Still Goddess Mz Devon is perfect and has a way of making suffering so sweet.

Thank You Goddess Mz Devon

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