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Blog by std jean-jacques

The Goddess Mz Devon was right, Her slaves were right, the lengend was true: once You’ve served Her, You always crawl back. Always. Call it addiction, call it poison, call it magic, there’s no way out. Even when You’re far away and pretend You can forget about Her, She’s always there. Powerful. Irresistible. Charismatic. i often thing of Her as a character from one of Leonard Cohen’s songs. She’s like no other.

What happened to me today sums it up. This morning i could not refrain from taking a look at Mz Devon’s last blog entry and what i read…just got me. Her writing about how two long gone slaves had come back to Her, how they found it impossible to resist anymore, fight anymore though they knew what it would cost, how they gave up, caved in and submitted. i red the entry several times then…i lost control or perhaps even conscience i’m not sure.

What did i do then? Well, i just did like the rest. Why trying to be different? i’m indeed like the rest. i logged in NF – anonymously – and started buying Her clips like crazy. The more i was listening to Her perfect voice, the more i was watching Her perfect curves, the more i needed to give in, show Her i wanted to be back. Beg. Apologize. i wasn’t ready to totally come clean though, i was so scared. So i kept on shopping for the audio and video material. Sometimes i would click the ‘tribute’ option in order to pay more because i hope She would understand how desperate i was to crawl back to Her boots and make it up to Her.

Of course Goddess Devon had identified me right from the start though i had logged on under a name i never used before. The Goddess knows everything and i’m sure our pathetic attempts to hide make Her smile with contempt. Goddess then ordered me to contact Her and reminded me i owed Her 2000 USD. That huge amount will ruin me and i’ve no idea how i’ll deal with it. But the fact is i never tried to deny or escape. i sent Her over 1K tonight and will send more until my debt is paid.

The Goddess Devon owns me. She has always owned me and will always own me. i will not betray Her again. i will not stray. i’m Her property and will serve and worship Her with pride. i totally unworthy licking Her boots clean or eating what She spits. But i hope She will help me to improve. And yes, today i’m begging Her to keep me in line and … lock me up.

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  1. Outstanding! I am going to adore this new podcast perk! Now the world can listen to your stupid bullshit ramblings and laugh just like I DO! Ha ha ha ha….

  2. This is very cool Goddess!

    Having him recite his post is a very great idea.

    I’m sure everyone like myself will love this.

    Thank you for being you Goddess

    Humbly yours,


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