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Blog by slave 2 superiors

It feels kind of shameful to write this entry since it’s about me doing something stupid that annoyed Goddess Mz Devon. Still the past is the past now and i can’t change it but hopefully i’ve learned from it, more importantly Goddess Mz Devon was willing to forgive me and move on from it.

Basically i did something stupid in sort of making myself scarce to Goddess Mz Devon due to feeling a little bit poor. Still to make matters worse barely a day before Goddess Mz Devon had spoken about how She does like that i had been checking in daily even if it was just to say hi. Obviously then staying offline a couple days was a stupid thing to do.

Still eventually it come time after a couple days when i had to come forth and admit to Goddess Mz Devon what had gone on. While She was annoyed and put the fear into me about not having a chance to serve Her any more i was lucky to earn some forgiveness. i knew it was the right thing to do to leave as ordered then set about making things right so i made sure i had the funds for a tribute then sent it without bothering Her. After that i figured i should go explain the silly logic that went through my head. See my logic on this topic is that ‘words are cheap’ when it comes to apologizing so i leave words until after i’ve made a genuine attempt to prove i was sorry.

Luckily for me Goddess Mz Devon accepted my apology and has taught me a valuable lesson. i seriously never meant to annoy Goddess Mz Devon but feel so much better having made the right moves to make things right, mainly accepting my mistake rather than pretending i did nothing wrong. After all Goddess Mz Devon is the judge of that.

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