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Blog by std jean-jacques

Just listened to the ‘Dance of the puppets‘ MP3 Goddess Devon made a month ago or so and i’m still shocked, amazed, aroused and most of all totally in love with Her. So many reasons to be. That recording taught me quite a few things though.

Firstly, Goddess knows everything we subs feel, think, plan and decide a long time before we actually do. She really does. She’d it all planned a long time ago, the whole process, how we come to Her, how She administrates the drug, how we run thinking we’ll be safe, how we obsess over Her all the time we think we’re faraway, how we crawl back and finally cave in for good. Every single thing i felt since i met Goddess Devon, the most remote thought, all these unspeakable feelings i tried to hide, including sometimes to myself, are there in this recording and, thanks to the power of Her voice, they sound like the most obvious, natural things on earth.

Secondly, i had to come to terms with the fact my behaviour was never unique, special or even my own. i belong to the crowd of puppets who feel the same, act the same, think the same way i do when their fate leads them to The Goddess Mz Devon. Nothing personal here. i am indeed like the rest and i get in line, waiting for my turn, waiting for my Owner to take my life and use me. The Queen Bee pattern if you will.

Thirdly, i realized there is no way out of this. The drug is too strong. It’s terminal. As i write these lines, i know that i will not only never be again a ‘normal’ person (‘the law abiding citizen’ Goddess refers to), but also that i have lost the illusion i might one day be able to be again the man i used to be. It simply is too late. On top of this, i also have to admit that if i ever was given the choice, i wouldn’t want to…That’s the most fascinating part about Goddess Devon’s drug: it makes You want to ache.

That is what Goddess calls the dance. The last dance. When the first step is made, there is no turning back. And the reason why no man can possibly resist this dance, this mermaid like song, is also detailed in ‘Dance of the puppets’. A very simple explanation indeed: The Goddess Mz Devon does not ‘play’, She fucks our mind for good, real life, and most of all She takes a considerable amount of pleasure doing it.

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  1. eric justanotherpuppetAugust 17, 2009 @ 2:17 pmReply

    i heard that mp3 and i felt the same way. Mz Devon really hit it home with that one. She knows us to well. God love her for it!

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