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Blog by michelle

This morning I was waking from my sleep in bed when I logged onto Yahoo on my BlackBerry and found Goddess online.

We chatted and after a short while we chatted about Her control. It has long since been a desire of mine to be locked in a chastity cage by Goddess where she holds the key. We have played this before with a numbered security lock but somehow it seems so much more erotic and controlling if someone else holds the key. I begged and begged and eventually Goddess tested my resolve and the joy at passing the test was immense and Goddess agreed to send me a unique lock identifiable to only Her. Goddess will hold the key and hopefully wear it on a chain on Her person and only send it to me on special occasions. I will of course film the whole locking ceremony. I think it would be so so cool to have some film of Goddess buying the lock and keeping the key and then posting it. On my side I will cam opening the package and putting on the cage and then locking it in place.

We also discussed other ways in which I can be further feminised and Goddess shared with me a new MP3 recording which is just AWESOME and you just have to buy mmmm
I will talk about how else I could be feminised in a further blog.

Talk soon love sissy Michelle xxx

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