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Blog by std jean-jacques

i can’t deny You digest entry makes me sad Goddess. i knew You would mention me, but i had thought You would just claim me as Your property once and for good. i perfectly understand that You disclosed everything You made me do lately, i even see the point, i see the purpose.

But what i can’t explain is the obvious dispise, contempt, disgust, hatred almost than run along these lines. That hurts. Like You don’t care at all about me crawling back to You for good, committing. i’m notsaying i think i’m important to You. i KNOW i’m not. i just think, or hope if You want, that You’re pleased i’m back.

i have to cope with threats and tribute request on a daily basis, told (today’s quote) that my ‘videos and full name will be all over the internet within 12 hours if i don’t pay’. Yet i’m not answering these threats, i’m being 100% loyal to You whatever the cost Goddess.

Do You think i really deserv being treated this way?

i will not be able to log on until late Your time Goddess as i’ve got personal and work issues this week. Next week though, i’ll be online for as long as You need me as i took 4 days off.

i’ll also pay my due Friday as i promised.

Have a great day Goddess Devon.

a sad puppet

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3 Responses

  1. Another pathetic attempt at bullshit sincerity that ends in a total FAIL. Ha ha..

    To answer your question :
    “Do You think i really deserv being treated this way?”

    Indeedly I do.
    you are nothing but a joke that continues to be told. A statistic, a lab rat, a foolish experiment used for nothing but amusement, shits & giggles really (you being the shit with My fine self having loadddds of giggles)!

    PS : Balance owing $1000. Interest on this one is a bitch though. Bet reading that makes you wet though huh?

    Dance puppet, dance.

  2. eric justanotherpuppetAugust 17, 2009 @ 2:07 pmReply

    Total Fail? This would be an epic fail! Excuse me Goddess for correcting you this ONCE i could not help myself. Lusting for you.

  3. LickLickAugust 19, 2009 @ 8:48 pmReply

    I can imagine how you feel. The quandary of being hurt and misused, yet loving it. What to do… What to do…

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