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Blog by michelle

I am so fucked up right now. I have just finished watching Goddess on cam and i am mentally paralyzed. Its been such a long time since i saw her on cam and Her beauty and sexuality just made me melt. It was a wonderful session in which She showed me the lock that She will engrave and send to me so that i can lock my cock away for Her pleasure. i have begged and begged and now it is going to happen. Whilst i am making this blog Goddess is engraving the lock to uniquely identify it so that She knows that it is Her lock that stops my cock getting hard so whenever i am suffering from lust just as i am now it will be curtailed. Of course it means that i will have to find other forms of relief and maybe i will have to insert things inside my mancunt.

Goddess also showed me some items of clothing that She has picked out for me. Some nice pink girly pajamas that i will wear for bed and a sexy teddy and panty set that i will use to make videos in.

my sissyfication is accelerating and some of the things Goddess wants for me are scary and exciting and i don’t know whether to get hard… soon i wont be able to

I am loving my transformation and hope that it interests others

love sissy michelle


Edited by Mz Devon : Here’s the lock everyone!

Femdom Goddess Mz Devon

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  1. Mailing everything out later my slutty lil robo’girlie! How excitedddd must you be!

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