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Blog by foot boi

My first experience in findom was abrupt and unsatisfying. The woman I served, who claimed to be a domme, took my money, laughed and left. My most recent experience, however, is the one I’m most interested in sharing.

Goddess Devon’s advertisement is the first one I saw after creating an account. I was curious. Was She anywhere near as lovely on the inside as She was on the outside? I wondered. I wrote Her asking if She might consider talking to me. She responded. She permitted me to add Her. Immediately, I was excited. The acknowledgment and anticipation of more was enough to arouse me.

I knew what the cost of admission and I was willing to take it. I don’t pretend to have the resources other, more financially successful subs have, but I have my interest and I wanted to share it. She gave immediate instructions and I obeyed. At least I tried to. Murphy’s Law says anything that can go wrong will go wrong and Murphy visited me that evening. Frozen internet browser, modem crash, a pay site that wouldn’t load and difficulty navigating the links were what went wrong. Goddess said She had had enough (I don’t blame Her, I’m sure I appeared as a time waster) and would report me. I saw my chance, my opportunity to serve Her was vanishing and I gasped. With that, my resolve to endure and find a way to pay Her, became paramount I knew this was my chance. No domme would put up with the appearance of time wasting, let alone this lovely Goddess. I was on a mission, to serve this Goddess and discover whether my interest in findom would be satisfying if I were to serve the right Domme.

Finally, success! I provided Her the evidence and She responded. Immediately I knew She was different from the other other domme. She was fair. She was class and I was hard. I found that the biggest turn on was when I hit “send.” To not send would have been a waste of not only Her time, but it would have robbed me and left me feeling empty inside. This curious fetish is satisfied by actually sending money and having it accepted. My discovery was that surrendering money itself was not the object but surrendering was and what better way to demonstrate a willingness to surrender than by surrendering something of value; money. The first domme took my money.. She did not take me nor did she allow me to surrender control. Goddess not only took my money, She took me and She took control. The fact that She had the most amazing feet helped. (I have a foot fetish and yet less than ten percent of women’s feet do anything for me. Sometimes I think this foot fetish is a curse because it is so discriminating.)

I throbbed. I ached. For those moments, I was able to surrender and She was able to control and it was that loss of control that what was making me hard. So hard, I wanted to cum. To cum without Her permission would have been self defeating. It would be me taking control and control was the very thing I wanted Her to have. Not only did I not want to cum without Her permission, I couldn’t cum without Her direction. She directed and immediately I came. Completion. Consummation. Reward. Satisfaction. Satisfaction in satisfying my Mistress.

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  1. LickLickAugust 19, 2009 @ 9:04 pmReply

    You’re finding out what we all have come to learn. Mz. Devons moods and instructions are intoxicating. Open your wallet and take a picture, because it won’t look the same again.

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