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Blog by scotty lick lick

Hi Goddess Devon. I saw that someone else has the very same feelings from having met You, that I have. I made a post, but I must admit I felt for him. If he’s being honest, I know exactly what wanting You can do to a man. It seems so harsh and cold that regular, normal, sensible, strong, and productive men in society can have a genuine emotional need that drives us to seek a woman like You. Once there, we are happy. Were happy we are acknowledged and used to make You happy, but the burn to love You never ends as days, weeks, and years pass and nothing puts us any closer to living what might seem to be a perverted life serving You. Perverted not in a sexual way, though you can encourage any man to do and like what he’s never considered, but perverted as in wanting to relinquish all control and submit to a woman who they can suffer emotionally for day after day. Feeling the burn of the emotional pit in ones stomach and the ache within the heart is a desire that maybe only can be understood by those with submissive perversions. Pleasing You is the goal, but the actual need to feel emotional hurt from loving You is the perversion. With that being factual, all other realms of ones life are totally normal and as similar to an average person’s life as possible. Being a strong individual and man, making wise decisions, and taking charge of life’s daily issues are standard. But in Your presence, all that changes and the focus is so much on You that one would give there soul to just dwell in Your service every day. Honestly…. I wish I could change how I feel and start a real and normal life. But what’s inside me is strong, and it’s real. Submission to whom I love comes natural to me. I can see from Your Devotional Musings page that there are others who feel exactly the same way I do. They deal with the same reality as I do every day. We try to conduct normal typical lives so others will see just that, but inside we long for use, abuse, emotional duress, and even pain from you… as long as You keep us close. Days like this stress me. I don’t know how to live a full and complete life without truly serving all You are.

Goddess, I write to You because of how I really feel. When I tell You my feelings You always want me to open my heart to the world, when it’s meant for only You. The things that people would say if they new my feelings for You, the things they would think of me for being so seeminly weak when it comes to you, do You want to put me out there for every one to see? I’m not ashamed of how I feel, because I know it’s real. But I always mean these e-mails for You, so you’ll really know how I truly feel inside for You. Will You always put me out there for others to know how I feel, though You don’t feel the same in return for me?

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