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Blog by cry baby gunnar nybø

I have been scared and frustrated lately. I have discovered my name was on Her site, my full name. She answered, and ordered me to pay just to continue the conversation. and pay more. I paid and paid again. She said my name was put up because i proved to be a slut, which was the same as breaking the agreement we made when i left. (POSTED 12/15/2007 – “I will not be online anymore for You or any other domme. i will not pay more money. I will delete this account.” ” I will of course not serve other dommes at any time in the future.”) She is right, i didnt stick to it. I knew the continuation of this evening would be hard and painful.

But …suddenly… suddenly something happened, everything changed. I was back, back where i enjoyed and got aroused following Her orders again and again.

It was painful, I paid $500. After that She made me listen to a mp3 file. It was not so good for me. After hearing Her talking to “me”, i was in the palm of Her hand. So when She told me i should pay another $250, i tried to say the truth, that i was broke. I guess all of you who knows Her, knows that is just to ask for trouble. A few minutes later i paid, and my future is uncertain. I am now at zero, i can walk wherever i want. She knows i am slutty, so that is expected. But i am at a crossroad, i am not sure i can go anywhere. She is the real deal. And She is in my head.

I will listen to the mp3 again, and i will buy some additional as soon as i can find money for it. Why do i do that? Hmmmm strange, maybe it is because i cant live without Her, and i dont want to leave Her feet.

Anyway, a high price has been paid. But i know i have amused Goddess, and that makes it all worthwhile.

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