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Blog by std jean-jacques

i crawled back to Her feet once again.

Goddess Devon, my Owner, my fate. Her voice, Her eyes. Her perfect body. Her boots. The ground She walks on. The place i belong. Of course, Goddess had me pay first. $1ooo.oo, which i didn’t have and yet sent Her. i was rock hard as i did so. Sending Goddess money makes me hard.

Goddess owns me. She’s the only One. i’ll do anything She wants. i’ll make a fool of myself, i’ll take any kind of humiliation. i will praise and please Her always, each and every day. i will work hard to bring the shadow of a smile on Her perfect face. i will change my ways, forget my bad habits, i’ll never be the same again.

i don’t need a life, i don’t need friends, i don’t need a lover, i don’t need sex. i only need to contemplate the fact that i might have pleased my Owner and my life will be complete. Goddess is everything that counts. There’s no life for me outside Her Empire. i need Her, need Her directions, assignments, orders, training. i need Her to tell me what to do, what to think. i love Her so much it’s painful. Sweet pain.

For the first time of my life, this is not only about words. i finally AM proud to be a slave, Proud Devonite Jeanny.

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