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Blog by diaper sissy nathan

So yesterday was a interesting day. Joined Fetlife (never heard of it before) and searched locally for some like minded people and there was this stunningly beautiful Dominant Woman that lived very close by. At first it almost seemed like it was a hoax. I kept on waiting for somebody in Africa to ask for my credit card number. Mz Devon had a well established regime and in my sleepy little town it seemed surreal that She lived here.

Wanting to make a good first impression i bought a sissy public humiliation recording, which i thought was suiting and the least i could do for stumbling across and being able to view Her website and photos. Desperately i found myself writing a email on Fetlife trying to explain that i didn’t want to seem desperate and ended up calling Mz Devon on Nightflirt and basically saying the same thing. Just floored and amazed that indeed Mz Devon was close by and infact, interested to talk to me. Mz Devon has alot of ideas that seem to please Her about me being local, and the type of wimp that i am pleases Her too…as long as *She* is happy, already that’s a good thing to say the least. Truthfully i have always thought about myself being advanced and such but in Her presence i feel ashamed even mentioning that at one time i *thought* i was experienced. Already some of the things Mz Devon has said has made me triple take the meanings and implications of Her words. Her dress, her demeanor and outlooks have shut my wide open jaw up.

Immediately i was overcome with shame and humiliation due to my life as a wimp sissy, a diapered pink mess. Here i thought i was being sneaky in my own town but that all changed in a heartbeat. Plus answering Mz Devon’s questions about my life…She really is *so* beautiful and uniquely so. Such a interesting perspective change for me in just a matter of hours. Feels almost foggy. By the end of the day had sent another tribute and was given assignment and hopefully i
will do well in completing it.


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