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Blog by raven

Mz Devon has granted me the honor of listening to her MP3 on cum eating for beginers.

After listening to it i am very anxious to follow her instructions and complete the task of eating my own cum for her.

I have tried to stay away from serving Goddess Mz Devon and only recently have been in contact with her again. That is when she had me do more drawings for her. But no matter how much i tried to not serve her, i end up doing so with out realizing it and without questioning it. An example is, i am usually not one to blog but Mz Devon told me to start writing blogs for her and without hesitation i write a blog and send it to her. Even when i wasn’t looking to serve and just draw a picture for Mz Devon she told me that i will serve her because she said so and I didnt think twice about talking back or trying to contridict her.

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  1. HERAlexandre:January 11, 2010 @ 2:36 pmReply

    Hello: You are indeed very lucky to be allowed to serve such an intelligent,powerful Woman!!

  2. artist ravenJanuary 11, 2010 @ 9:56 pmReply

    Hello HERAlexandre. I do agree that i am very lucky to be allowed to serve such an intelligent and powerful woman as Goddess Mz Devon. I feel that it is the highest of honors to do my drawings for her and make use of my talents for her and hopefully to make her smile

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