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Blog by raven

Mz Devon has allowed me to draw some pictures for her. Since my last post i have drawn two more for her. These were fun pictures to draw as it was an honor to draw her gorgeous feet and such a close look at them.

I have expressed an interest in eating my own cum so Mz Devon has given me an MP3 to do just that as a reward for her satisfaction of the drawings that i have done for her.

She also said that if i am really good that i may get a video as well becuase she loves the fact that i torment myself while working on her drawings by simple looking at her clips for sale and get all hot and bothered. completely hard and my balls aching and never touching as she hasnt given permission to. it is very tormenting and i know that the pain that i suffer from doing this makes Mz Devon laugh and happy that i am in pain for her pleasure.

Femdom Goddess Mz Devon

Femdom Goddess Mz Devon

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