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Blog by j cooper

Now more than before, presence lives; in her absence it accompanied me concrete and colored, the memory of her.

I had not spoken to the enigmatic Mz Devon in some time and to be honest there seemed to be a void in my life in the absence. It’s not something that is very easy to describe but it felt like a lingering sense of disjointed unity.

Today, I got home a little early and was able to catch the Goddess Mz Devon for a bit of conversation and catching up. I felt invigorated and full of life; like before that moment I had forgotten what it was like to be whole and complete. With her infinite wisdom and guidance, she is my savior. I live my life and many things change but the one true constant is that I always return to her. My life is only complete with her in it. The world is not right if I am not serving the perfect Mz Devon.

Mz Devon has granted me the honor of using my skill set to further benefit her life by designing menus to fit her lifestyle. I am very excited to engage her in the culinary arts and further enhance her beauty and vitality.

Follow my lead, do the right thing and submit to femdom royalty, the Goddess Mz Devon beckons you

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