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Blog by michelle

Well the title says it all really. it has been a hell of a year. there are many who wont have read a blog from me either before or for some time so perhaps i should say a little about me. ok yes i know thats very boring because the purpose of my and many others blogs are to bow before and celebrate our deity Goddess Devon.

i am or at least was a Devonite and i think i have worshipped Goddess for around four years. i am one of the discarded deadwoods that Goddess refers to in her own blog. i think however that it is worth blogging if for no other reason than to serve as a warning to those who serve now and think they have this sorted – serving long term is hard and they would be advised to recognize this and to also recognize that they are the lucky few and should maintain the servitude and perhaps take it to an even higher level.

so 2009 has been especially difficult for me as i have divorced my wife (now ex) and am living in a flat in London. Bizarre then that serving Goddess Devon created the financial pressures that caused my marital downfall and precipitated living in a flat which is what i discussed when i was actively serving but now that i am alone i have lost Goddess too.

i am able to dress in panties daily and have even thrown away my male underpants, i sleep in kitty pyjamas and i can wear girly smelly stuff when i am on my own. i can wear lipstick and mascara when i want and i can walk to the local store for milk wearing girly clothes under a coat and nobody knows except me.

however it has been emotionally draining. getting divorced has taken its toll and has made me a shadow of what i once was. confidence has gone and i feel so low at times and laughably so submissive even though i serve very little these days.

Goddess was to lock me up about Q3 and i paid for the lock twice but as usual i did something wrong and it never worked out and now i find myself gone…..

unwanted by the people closest to me…

happy 2010 to you all and please make sure you dont slip up

love sissy michelle


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