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Blog by michelle

We live in very politically correct times and there is nothing wrong with that, we were all put on this Earth to live together.

For the benefit of the bigots who don’t see anything wrong with their behavior we have laws preventing discrimination against skin color, religious background, age, gender, sexuality.

I have in my own little world lived the person that i am for many years. I first started getting turned on my stories of domination when i was as young as 13 and remember vividly getting more aroused than ever by a story of a man humiliated and whipped by a group of young girls and being made to service them in whatever way they commanded and he ended up breaking down and crying in front of them. i just though that was so erotic.

and so i have moved directionally more and more in that way. i have for a long time worn ladies panties ( i was 14 or 15 the first time and stole them from a cousin) and now i wear nothing but. Is that fetish or perversion or just lifestyle?

i wear make up and i love chastity – do i love not cumming? no of course not – what i love is being turned on and have always found that more pleasurable than the orgasm and above that i have discovered that being turned on inside the mind is the most powerful stimulation of all. so for me when denied by Goddess it is the most intense feeling of pleasure to be controlled to the extent that i will give up and She would take away that ability. Fetish perversion or lifestyle?

the reason that i am writing this blog is because we are prepared to accept people regardless of all the ism’s i mentioned above and society has now moved to the point where gay’s are in the main only persecuted by the mindless bigots. however walk down the road not holding hands with a person of the same sex but with a lead around your neck with the other end in the hands or a master or mistress and society shuns away.

as part of my separation all manner of revelations have been made, what i was doing on Niteflirt, who i talked to and about what, why i was in possession of panties and high heels and other sex toys. i have been caller a pervert and told i am sick. i have had letter posted to me and received unkind and nasty text messages, so is it a fetish or am i pervert or am i just being me – and is it ok to just be me.

love Sissy Michelle

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