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Blog by slave mado

My name is mado,i’m 31,i have found my pretty Goddess in the livejournal,since the first moment i have seen her photos i have been so attracted to her beauty,i had some trouble in the beginning in contacting her and tributing,so i did my best to have her trust,to not be just a time waster,i have been reading more and more of her words,looking too much at her beauty,she is perfect and amazing,i felt that worshipping her is all what anyone should do,being under her rule and living 4 her,i have been so interested in femdom,but i haven’t found pretty dominant mistress as the one who has been always in my dreams till i could find Goddess Devon,her beauty has never left my mind even 4 one moment,i have big desire in my mind control,foot fetish,financial slavery,i’m just waiting 4 her permission 4 training me as being her slave and to serve her as it should be with her commands.

My Goddess Devon You are my life, my powerful mistress.i will live only to serve thoughts are filled with your beauty, your power over me,
i cannot rid my mind of your influence, it is pointless to try.i always gaze at your beauty which pout mesmerize me,then your eyes which sparkle with imagined torments.i sink to my knees before you, transfixed in adoration.

Before You i kneel every time,
i feel like i am Your slave full time,
You are the one whom i devote myself and all of my life ,just for you,Your happiness is what im living for,i will be yours forever, serving you ,adoring you

You are my Goddess Devon.

slave mado

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  1. HERAlexandre:January 11, 2010 @ 3:11 pmReply

    Serving Mz Devon is indeed a pleasure & a somewhat painful challenge..I am sorry i am such a loser & cannot serve Mz. Devon like i would like to…

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