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Blog by loser911

My name is Jack.I am a pathetic loser and contacted Mz Devon and tributed her.

I made a mistake and was blocked.

Mz Devon then Milked more money($325.00)out of Me to get Her attention back.

I am a loser and I am addicted.I want to be ruined by Her and blackmailed.I am pathetic and have no life =[.Mz Devon is the only worthwhile thing in My life.I want to send Mz Devon the keys to My chastity device and all my personal information so that She can get as much money out of Me as possible.I hope She has fun ruining Me and watching Me suffer.It is the least I can do since I am such a loser.

goddesses pet (aka loser911 aka jack hatton aka john fitzpatrick aka irish piglet)

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