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Blog by diaper sissy nathan

Mz Devon,

Trapped in thick pampers, less than 4 inches erect and swallowed whole by Your habituation and distance in regards to my pathetic life. Your beauty, Your perfection.

Completely alone again this weekend. Completely diapered.

Broke. How can sissy start something with You, how can sissy be allowed to walk around Your neighbourhood in pampers with a diaper bag? How can sisys start cleaning Your house?

Please, i am a loser and a wimp pushover and all i do is wear thick pampers and wet and mess them all the time, loosing myself further to my own pathetic fetish and submissive tendancies.

i spent the whole month in pamper wampers and its so nice out , i would be so lucky to waddle around Your neighbourhood in thick pampers, a pink pampers shirt and a big diaper bag stuffed with diapers…

PLEASE Mz Devon…i am lost and alone and i dont even know what im doing but  iwill do this..please may i…i can walk arounf a park or field  or school yard close to You idk…PLEASE…


Please Mz Devon…cant do this anymore….

sissy nathan, alone, lost.

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