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Blog by std jean-jacques

Day after day The Goddess Mz Devon is taking me farther and farther, deeper and deeper into complete submission and humiliation. What i am going through right now is almost unreal, a once in a lifetime exprience, i realize this. i had no idea i would one day do half of the things Goddess Devon has me do.

Today again, The Goddess Mz Devon took control of my pc through a remote software system. She visited all my accounts again an sent Herself much, much more money than i had, which is a terrible thing for me but at the same time is what i’m here for. The Goddess wants, She takes, it’s not for me to decide how much or when.

Then came the most humiliating and, i must admit, thrilling experience in my cyber life: Goddess Devon had a chat sessions with Goddess Karen using my YM account! Can anyone think of a greater display of power and control? i don’t.

i can’t actually believe it took me that long to understand who The Goddess Mz Devon is. She’s not into games. She can’t be fooled. She’s neither in nor from our world, She lives in a world of Her own, higher, so much higher it’s almost painful to admit it. i learn from Her every minute. i crave Her abuse. i’d do anything She asks. Actually, i will.

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  1. I have to say…talking to the beautiful AG on your acct while you watched was almost priceless! How you’d change your font to pink when you’d type and mine was different. Too damn funny! FYI, don’t ever try to play games with us dumbshit. We have far too much fun playing you at the same time!

    The video of you writing this was funny too, ha ha…writes a bunch then oops…starts to erase….dumdum got a new thought. That thinker of yours was working overtime wasn’t it? Ha ha! I’ll upload that after. Lucky for you I’m lazy now.

    May have to do more double sessions, this was a crackup!

    The family photos are cute and all…but you should keep those off your desktop.

  2. Mz Devon's wannabe puppetMay 5, 2010 @ 2:15 pmReply

    Thank You Goddess Mz Devon. It was again a fantastic experience and i do hope Goddess Karen had a great time too!

  3. Since I stealthed you and removed you from My yahoo list ” bill brufford ” – I was NOT happy about seeing your stupid IM box pop up … until that is… until the Lovely MzDevon let Me know what the scheme was. I find it too amusing that you actually THOUGHT you could fool either of Us. I’ve always had the attitude that you are a time wasting dbag so it was NO surprise to find out what an actual slut you are. I do hope you’ve learned your lesson – we BOTH know that Devon doesn’t tolerate BULLSHIT without a huge PAY OFF. oh that’s been done — by YOU. bahahhaha.

  4. Mz Devon's wannabe puppetMay 5, 2010 @ 2:36 pmReply

    i think You are perfectly right Goddess Karen; i did learn My lesson, the hard way. Mz Devon has me on such a short leash that in my wildest dreams i wouldn’t think of crossing Her. Goddess Devon really has broken my former, pathetic self and is rebuilding it into something useful.

  5. Blah blah blah…always the same lines….

    Short leash, there is no leash… you can stay or go you’re aware of that.

    I don’t have to enforce anything, ha ha… you just DO. That’s the fun part. I can’t shake you off…you always come back. Maybe see a Dr about that… or a few.

  6. Mz Devon's wannabe puppetMay 5, 2010 @ 2:47 pmReply

    You are so right Goddess Devon! i wish You a perfect Goddess day.

  7. thats the beauty of serving MzDevon – She doesn’t CARE about you peons – she will not chase you around the net looking for a Tribute or several, she has MORE class than whats in your little pinky toe.

    It’s ABOUT TIME you finally learned that.


  8. What if I want to wear a TEAM AG shirt?

  9. lololol. We should have TeamDevon and TeamAG tshirts made. make HIM pay for them. =)

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