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Blog by std jean-jacques

The Goddess Mz Devon has decided to banish me from Her stable because She – rightly – think i’m not fit to serve Her.

She informed me i blew my last chance to ever be serving Her in the future.

Being part of Her army peons is a privilege and i failed to prove i deserved it because of my inability to process Her orders and because of my constant disloyalty.

You are and will always be number one. Just seems as if You’re too high for me in this sky, i can’t reach You, can’t follow You, i’m not fit, just a mediocre old no-life loser.

* Goddess edit – Was sent that by email before his blog. It related to his post and is sooo true. Ha ha!

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  1. Hmmm… Don’t tell me you never got that memo saying you never had a chance back with me? Really? you really thought you did? Aweeee…poor thing.

    I just love (along with dozens others I’m sure) watching you bury yourself, it’s too easy not to let you make an ass out of yourself. Hell, the big pay days always get easier too. Funny how that works. The thing is dummy, your game is stale now. It’s been played too long, and you aren’t a good bluffer. Think sparkly new window, clearest thing to see through – that’s you. Ha ha…

    T’was fun, but alas, your train has fallen off it’s track, and we BOTH know what a longgggg ride up that hill to me is. Unfortunately for you, you aren’t “The little engine that could” and your mangled mess can’t make it up that hill again no matter how many times you say “i think i can, i think i can!” Ha ha!

    “Stupid engine that can’t”

    Bet that made your clit ache a little didn’t it cunt? Get used to it, because that’s all you’ll be doing for me now. Aching for me…. We know how hard that is for you. Ha ha ha…

    Enjoy the pain.

  2. lmao @ stupid engine that can’t – seeing the LIGHT is the ONLY thing that will save you frenchy. you must know by now that you can’t fool ANY of us – least of all Devon. $$$$ talks. the rest of it is BULLSH*T – I’m pleased again to see that you have taken the bait and now TRAPPED into a web of such a divine Woman.

  3. Ha ha…he mentioned that he’ll probably be crawling around needing a fix soon, named you also! When you get your round again, hit those balls home, and HARD!

  4. devoteddevoniteMay 21, 2010 @ 1:03 pmReply

    Goddess Devon I love you.

  5. Ha ha haaaaa what a tool. Sounds like someone will be crying into their pillow tonight! Good!

  6. Ha ha, this is the first thing he’s been right about I’d say.

  7. boohoo, I *think* I talked to the idiot, pity he wasn’t that memorable. The only thing that comes to mind is the whole brag about being such a slut. Gawd, whatever the fuck makes em think they are such a prize? LMAO fucking tool.

  8. Yeah, that was him. I saw you on his yahoo IM. Ha ha ha…he has everyone on stealth. So sneaky he is.

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