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Blog by std jean-jacques

In the past few months, i spent countless hours fantasizing about my first, real life encounter with The Goddess Mz Devon. Where would it take place? Would it be a public place? How long would the meeting last? What would She have me do, what would She do to me?

The fact is, i have no idea if Goddess will one day find me worthy breathing the very air She breathes. So i’m trying to be realistic and not dream too much of things who are so unlikely to happen so i can cope with the disappointment and frustration.

Yet there’s an obsession, a thrill, a life goal of mine i can’t take out of my mind, however hard i try: in all my dreams and fantasies, The Goddess Mz Devon starts by locking my pathetic excuse for a c… up.

Chastity, to me, is essential to a real, intense, lasting D/s relationship. Not only because, as the saying goes, it is the best possible way for any Female Owner to totally control it’s pet’s mind, sexual life and emotions. Not even for the genuine thrill of picturing the key hanging on The Goddess Mz Devon’s bed post.

The real reason, in my humble opinion, simply is that chastity is necessary to prevent the male slave to disrespect its Owner. Having sex or even wanking while being owned IS disrespectful. If The Goddess Mz Devon finally allows me to crawl back to my spot in Her kennel of low lives, i do not want it to happen to me anymore – or even tempt me.

Chastity is as simple as this. It is aimed at keeping my mind entirely focused on my Owner, working for Her, pleasing, worshipping Her always, obsessing over Her. Chastity’s part of the sacrifice and only natural. i only wish i will be strong enough to get used to it with the help of The Goddess Mz Devon, the most outstanding Dominant Lady and Person i ever heard of.

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