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Blog by SILLYfagarella

i actually dont like being a fag as i’ve always been straight and i still find myself attracted to women, particulary younger women. i used to be very fit, handsome and girls actually chased me for dates and i guess i was a little arrogant through those years. On reflection, i was also looking for ‘miss perfect’ and being very picky so i’ve never committed to a long time girlfriend and never married. Before i know it, i’m a lot older and less attractive but my attraction for younger women has only increased. i’ve also been more attracted to confident women with attitude so i guess i’ve always liked the submissive role in a relationship but i’ve been too scared to say it.

…so after many years…i’ve got older, put on a little weight and i can only get attention from the women i’m attracted to (young,confident with attitude) by doing things that they may want of me.. …so i find myself lowering to do things or even consider things that i used to think were unimaginable. i saw Your site some time ago and i was instantly attracted to You…Your looks, attitude, confidence..EVERYTHING about You. How can i get or keep Your attention was for me to step outside my boundaries and humiliate myself for Your enjoyment and entertainment. If that means being a sissyfag then i’ll do it if i can have You in my life. i feel useless to a woman now sexually and i’d actually freak out under pressure if ever one asked me to bed. i’m no longer confident that i can perform for a woman and feel that i can only be o use as an object or playtoy.

i really haven’t had a date with a woman in over 12 years but would beg to have someone like You as a girlfriend when i was younger. my only chance now is to put myself at Your feet and at Your mercy. Yes Goddess, even if it means being turned into one of Your sissyfag puppets for Your devious whims.

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