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Blog by SILLYfagarella

well here i am on a relaxing australian sunday afternoon….NOT….i now spend all my spare time dressed like a slut waiting for horny guys to call me for gay sex. No, i’m not gay. i’m VERY straight but i crave to do it to excite Goddess. i love exciting Goddess. REAL men can excite women by escapades under the sheets, i can only excite beautiful women like Goddess by being slutty and doing gay sex…and ALL money made goes directly to Goddess. i can just hear Goddess’ laugh while She is watching a movie knowing that i’m now a working whore for Her. i’m not pretty enough for cam sex..yet. Goddess says She has a lot of work ahead of Her to make me presentable enough to do cam sex for men. i’ve been sitting here in my lounge room alone, dressed in my black bra and panties (a thong) and some black lacy stockings in red lipstick, some cheap perfume waiting…waiting..waiting…for the phone to ring,. Yes, i do feel like some teenge girl with a crush on a boy waiting for the phone to ring. The only thing trying to take my mind of all this is watching a movie. Has anyone seen ‘Sex in the City’? Soooooo good but have your tissues ready…lots of teary moments and i have tissues everywhere around this coffee table! Goddess says i should have pink martinis as i watch it but i dont know how to make one..but i guess i’ll need to learn as pink martinis will probably become the norm for me now. By the way if any of you would like to call me for a hot chat…i beg! my phone line is here ….

i promise to suck you good or make you cum..ANYTHING to please you..just leave me great feedback as i need it to get more calls and make more money for Goddess. Oh….and if ever you wondered, wearing a bra is uncomfortable after awhile but i have no choice anymore!

For all your cocksucking needs, Black, white, yellow, I’ll suck ’em all!
fag for use: sucking cock since 1957!

Call me now – let me make you cum $1.00 per minute

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6 Responses

  1. I admire your courage to show your devotion to Mz Devon.
    It must be an amazing feeling having those big fat cocks pulsing in front of your face aching to be sucked dry by you … all in the cause of pleasing Mz Devon.

  2. LDP – Little dick piggy. How quaint.

    Maybe you should be of use to me also. What a pair you two would be manning down the phone lines for my profit. Especially you being Australian, your accent would be more comical to the studs calling you.

  3. fagarellaJune 10, 2010 @ 2:58 amReply

    Hi Goddess, i’m back from my work conference and missed being on the gay chat line to make $ for You. Guess what Goddess? a delivery package from fedex arriving tomorrow 4pm at my home door so i’m coming home from the office early to make sure i’m home to collect it. Goddess, i’m pretty sure its the sissy costumes and wig that i ordered online togive me a more proper look to do gay cam or gay phone sex for You. Maybe one day/nite i’ll actually be dressedand have a REAL man guest to visit me so i can suck a real cock on cam for You or anyone else who cares to watch. Goddess, is little dick piggy an australian too? Wonder if he lives near me? we could do a gay sex porno for You…my first. i’ll email You too Goddess with links for Your consideration for further pathetic sissy whore wear that You may want me to buy for Your amusement and my tv/gay transformation.

  4. Indeed LDP is your neighbor. Wouldn’t a love connection be so damn cute, scratch that, cock connection! Chat amongst yourselves, ha ha….this could end up being fun fun fun!

  5. fagarellaJune 11, 2010 @ 12:46 amReply

    Goddess, i’d beg to do a good phone sex , cam sex or in person date with LDP…and for You to record, tape, film..anything for Your entertainment and profit. i bought new sissy makeup too Goddess…mascara, lipstick, nail polish,eye shadow…..i guess i couldn’t help but revert back to my sissy ways for You.

  6. fagarellaJune 12, 2010 @ 5:29 pmReply

    well, its long weekend here in australia and i’m spending the 3 days dressed like a cheerleader slut taking gay calls on talksugar for Goddess. Yes,i’m even in heavy makeup, long blonde wig with cute ringlets and even mynails (toes and fingers) painted a slutty red. Dressed like this actually makes me think of being more slutty,..i cant help it. i ordered a pizza to be delivered and i had to answer the front door peeking to give the money for the pizza. The pizza boy was looking around into the hallway and saw i was wearing makeup, a dress, heels…EVERYTHING! UUURRGGHH! Goddess says i have to keep a journal of all the calls i do so i know exactly what all the guys like. i havent had any calls yet this weekend but i just woke up and will be available again. Goddess says She will even send me some of Her used clothes to help me save money for Her. i think Goddess wants to see me in Her pink pyjamas or nitie or something.Anyway, Goddess is having fun with friends in Vancouver while i need to get back to work for Her. For any guys reading this..i beg! Pleeeease call me on talk sugar….i promise to make you cum and cum!! the link is listed above in one of my comments here.

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