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Blog by cry baby gunnar nybø

I went to Her site again, after staying away for several months. In the meantime i have stayed away from the scene, but also “entertained” myself with other dommes. I dont know how She does it, but immediately She knew i visited Her site, and made me aware. After minutes i started to pay. Paid 1050 dollars, and we are discussing how She will fuck me up so i will no longer be able to escape.

She is a scary woman. Listening to her voice will make You crazy, and looking at Her is devastating. It is simply impossible to resist Her. And why should You, She is pure perfection. And who doesnt want to be a part of perfection? When i read the blogs of the devonites, it is obvious that She has some specials powers. Her pets are different than other pets. That should be a warning signal, but unfortunately i am blind to such signals right now. I just want Her control to be total, and i am willing and eager to let Her perform Her magic with me to make that happen.

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