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Blog by slave 2 superiors

Well it had certainly been sometime since i have had the pleasure of serving the wonderful Goddess Mz Devon. Sometime around a year ago i had stopped primarily over angering The Goddess Mz Devon. Still it hasn’t stopped me over this time remembering how awesome it was to serve such a wonderful, superior and dominant woman. Make no mistake anyone reading The Goddess Mz Devon is VERY dominant and with that comes Her expectations which are to say high.

Today i was thinking about when i did serve Goddess Mz Devon and well i just decided i’d go send Her a quick tribute. i did send a modest gift and just simply left Goddess Mz Devon a message letting Her know it was sent while i didn’t expect a response i did hope and i received one. Naturally that gift led to a little bit more but there’s no refusing The Goddess Mz Devon. Besides i am extremely grateful She responded.

It’s funny how being around The Goddess Mz Devon even through a computer just from Her responding i can feel the dominance She has over me. Afterall physical responses like a few butterflies in the stomach & heart beating a bit faster don’t lie. Then again i have a little experience in serving Her and it can be a very intense experience make no mistake about that. i’m not exactly sure where things go from here of course that depends purely on where The Goddess Mz Devon wants them to go. Either way i’m glad i sent that gift to Her and got a chance to be of a little use to such an exquisite woman.

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