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Blog by slave 2 superiors

WOW what an intense night! It started just paying a small tribute to The Goddess Mz Devon because i totally respect Her abilities and how do you think it ended? It ended the same way it always has and will with The Goddess Mz Devon – me broke & hopefully Her satisfied.

After my initial tribute and somewhat re-introducing myself to Goddess Mz Devon it started. Took Her absolutely no time to assert Her authority over me. Before i knew it i was calling Her, paying to hear absolutely nothing… maybe some typing as She asked me a few questions but Goddess Mz Devon knew the effect it was having me. The first lot of money ends and it becomes impossible not to add more money to please Her more and of course hope for some more of Her attention. Then it happened in the 2nd call, She spoke to me a little and Her voice so sweet sounding totally sucked me in. Now i know The Goddess Mz Devon is far from sweet but resisting Her once She gets inside your head is pointless or perhaps impossible?

So how did it end? A couple more calls, about $500 now in Her posession and i’m desperate for more there’s just one problem – i have no money! In fact i can’t even pay for my share of the groceries but instead of worrying about that i’m just frustrated i can’t call Goddess Mz Devon back again. So i’ve got mixed feelings i’m in disbelief but at the same time i love Goddess Mz Devon for how alive She can make me feel. i’ve always said there could not be anyone more intense than Goddess Mz Devon and i’ll stand by that claim.

Thank You Goddess Mz Devon.

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