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Blog by devonite yes boy

Goddess Mz Devon has decided to show mercy on me and has given me a chance to prove myself to her. Even though I run away every so often, while I am gone she still is in my dreams. While I am at school or work she is always on my mind. I am always hoping that if I come back I will be able to please her, but I always seem to run away. I am hoping this time will be different, and that I can control myself well enough to stay under her feet where I belong. She allowed me to call her and hearing her voice after such a long time was pure ecstasy. I had almost forgotten how her voice can control my brain with a single word, but even while I was gone I felt as if I was still infected by her voice. Almost every day I would visit her website trying to build the courage and ask her to give me another chance, but I never felt as if I was good enough. She is allowing me to try and begin serving her again, and even though I have already given her all of my money I hope she will still find a use for me. Goddess Mz Devon is so amazing and perfect and no woman can compare to her, I hope that this can be the time where I get it right.

Devonite Yes boy

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