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Blog by jerome bost

I Have been on a journey , a long walk. I must admit that I was lost. My mind was so out of control. Now I’m at peace. I managed to turn my thought, life, movement in the authority of Mz Devon. For I’m grateful dor “Her” Leadership. I will starve and be a good donkey pet for her.

I wish so many would join me in surrendering. I am so weak to Mz Devon. I droll all over myself, when she steps in front of me. My mind is feels so weak. She has me in the palm of her hands. I will eat whatever she places in her hands, Leash , Collar , Cage, I’m so free with Mz Devon.

I get so excited thinking about eating a biscut from underneath her boots. When I do what I’m asked I’m rewarded and life is so much easier. I’m her mindless boy. Take me. Take everything Mz Devon.

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