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Blog by diaper sissy nathan

Being a complete loser involves tough choices. Spending beyond reason goes against all reason but when thinking about being able to sniff Mz Devons perfect ass and the fact i am alone and am trapped in diapers makes spending foolishly the only hope left in my lonely loser life. Still dont know why Mz Devon keeps speaking to me, but i am beyond screwed at this point. Chastity and life altering stuff im sure.

*sobs* thank You for exposing me for the LOSER and wimp that i am. i cant help myself Mz Devon i think about Yuou all the time and i know i have to try no matter the pain to beg to be Your little fag panty wimp, Your serf…idk even. im just here in pampers everyday without any cause and i hate it and i feel so useless as it is

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  1. you can thank me for blocking off your address sissy. Send another tribute 😉

  2. Thank You Mz Devon for unblocking my address

  3. I unblocked your IP from my sites… but I BLOCKED your REAL address stupid.

  4. Thank You for blocking off my real address from view and unblocking my IP address from Your sites Mz Devon. Thank You for pointing out how stupid i am Mz Devon.

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