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Blog by stan

Last night i had the distinct privilege to speak with Goddess Devon. Her powerful, professional, & provoking image presented through Her phone listings made me expect Her personality and demeanor to be much the same and more. And while these things were true in my initial unpacking of the introduction with Goddess, there were layers to Her personality that played throughout the conversation that definitely showed a fuller image of what Goddess Devon represents. Goddess was approachable, candid, and sincere.

Full of experience and fine tuned wisdom, the insights Goddess Devon shared were ripe and balanced in perspective. She is secure in Her place and role of embodying dominance. It isn’t a part of what She does… At the very essence and core.. “the guts” of the Goddess i realize that She breathes it, it’s in Her blood and part of the fabric/DNA of who she just is.

There was no buzz words or phrases, raising of Her voice, or immediate lines that needed to be drawn because everything is organic and natural for Her. Our session was refreshing, very insightful, and a powerful synergy wrapped around a very intimate exchange of perspectives and experience. i greatly appreciated Her candidness and willingness to share good experiences and some not so good. This is the type and caliber of Woman that is purposed in Her Dominance. Her honesty in being true to Her purpose allows for life to be lived at it’s fullest potential.

Goddess Devon understands the relationship and exchange in the powerful relationship between a Dom and sub. i have great admiration and respect for who She is and it is reflected in the empire She has built. In one conversation i desire, hope, and am working towards being a part of making Her life easier as Her slave. My ultimate goal is to be “belonged” or “part” of Goddess Devon… But from the inside. So deep from within as if i came out of Her. my commitment, loyalty, and best work will be and outflow response to an inward abundance of contentment.

i dream of being able to be so deep rooted in my commitment, love, loyalty, obsession, thinking that my “yes” will come before She even commands, because it is my joy to “BE” and embody submission as She embodies Dominance. The exchange and relationship will result being heartfelt, artistic, organic and beautiful… Period.

From my knees,


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