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Blog by serveher

Goddess has kept me in chastity for the last seven days with only one break. After my last posting i have been confined for seven days with a one hour break after the third day. Now i’ve been back in tight chastity for four straight days (a record for me) and am looking forward to a reward for making it through the week. Goddess had explained i could earn a treat if i succeeded in my training. Seeing Her gorgeous feet on web cam was the goal and it proved to be a powerful motivator for me. The treat comes later tonight so i’m very excited and thankful for such a creative and wonderful Goddess taking time to train me.

The one hour out of chastity on Wednesday was fantastic and a huge relief. Being used to having unlimited access to oneself and getting relief whenever aroused was my norm before the Goddess began training me. So the one hour out was great but it was tough to go back into the confines of the chastity device. During my hour out of chastity hearing Goddesses voice as we spoke was exciting and comforting for me. Since i am new to this experience She has been especially helpful explaining things, teaching me and preparing me to be caged for Her.

After my four days of confinement i am out and getting to spend three full hours out and free. Soon i will get to spend time with the Goddess and get to see her beautiful feet on webcam. That will be a new experience for me and since i am completely taken with Goddesses beauty including Her incredibly sexy feet, i can’t wait. The time out and prospect of talking with Goddess almost makes me forget having been locked up for the last four days. Goddess told me that if i can complete tonight’s tasks to Her liking She will begin thinking ahead to my next reward, if i can make it through five days. i can’t wait to hear what her creative genius has devised.

( spending an hour with Goddess now)

Talking to Goddess while seeing Her perfect feet on cam is truly a magnificent experience. Her voice is both sexy and powerful so it brings a sense of titillation yet maintaining total control. Not a pushy, nagging control but a confident, intelligent control. And She controlled me through a release experience that was super fun but in retrospect was clearly amusing and entertaining for Her. Goddess introduced me to the “hail Mz Devon” experience and i’ll never be the same. Now just five days to go.

Since out of necessity, i have been holding the key to my cage lock, Goddess had me order number, plastic disposable locks for avoiding the temptation to cheat and verifying the cage stays on. The locks have not yet arrived but i found five that had come with the chastity device so now i am locked back up with a numbered plastic lock and have no possibility of sneaking even a minute’s relief because if the cage comes off Goddess will know. i’ve only been locked back up for a few minutes but the throbbing has already begun, i think it is going to be a long five days.

Thank You Goddess for letting me post to Your site and more importantly thank You Goddess for training Your slut.

humbly and submissively,

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