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Blog by serveher

Goddess Mz Devon has taken control. She placed me back into chastity after my thirty minutes of relief last night and now i have been confined for an entire day. It has been a difficult day trying to act and be normal be while being confined. Sometimes the chastity device pinches my skin and sometimes pulls my hair and always feels very tight and confining. Since i have virtually no experience in chastity, Goddess is using chastity to control me and train me to Her liking.

Tonight Goddess spent some time with me and it was wonderful. She recorded me reading my posting from last night and was pleased with the result. Then She directed me to send Her a photo of Her caged property. After seeing the photo Goddess determined that Her caged property would look better if it was cleanly shaven. She also explained that being cleanly shaven would eliminate any discomfort from hair pulling and allow for better hygiene. Since i have only been shaved once before, a very long time ago, Her command made me both excited and nervous.

The good news was that to shave i would be let out of chastity and that was very exciting. But Goddess wasn’t letting me out of chastity that easily and She explained Her instructions for me included getting out but not for awhile. First while still locked in chastity, i was to listen to Her “Naughty Perversions” set of mp3s, guaranteed to have me straining in the tight confinement. The mp3s were very arousing, especially “The Invitation” which puts the listener at a Goddess fetish party in a very subservient and sexy role. While listening to “Perverted Panty Hostage” i could almost taste Goddesses panties and felt that my cage would kill me. “Naughty Word Addict” is the final mp3 of the series and may be the best of the three. After listening to each mp3 twice (as Goddess directed) i was nearly insane with arousal, an aching body and dripping package.

As instructed i emailed Goddess with a progress update and was happy to receive permission to remove the chastity device. The prospect of getting out was wonderful but i was to shave and take a picture to present to Goddess. Perhaps if i could get through shaving and get over the thought of losing my hair i would be rewarded and allowed to play in the Temple. Once shaven i felt very submissive and naked both physically and emotionally before Goddess Mz Devon. As i made my sign and took the picture for Goddess i felt completely owned and controlled and it felt very good.

After receiving the picture of Her cleanly shaven slut, Goddess directed me to call Her. She liked the photo and was pleased with how Her slave was following orders. As a reward the Goddess allowed me thirty minutes of time out of chastity to “get my business done.” She of course provided instructions for how i was allowed to release the painful buildup that was making me ache. She directed me to follow the “TAP Masturbation” mp3 while i was enjoying my freedom from confinement. i was limited to thirty minutes out of the chastity device then i needed to be locked back up. Once locked back up i was to take a picture of the shaven and caged package for sending to Goddess.

“TAP Masturbation” was mind blowing and only deepened Goddesses control, making Her slut more deeply under Her power. “Hail Mz Devon!” After following Her instructions and sending the final picture of the night i got to say good night to the Goddess.

Going to sleep with the lovely voice of the Goddess as the last thing in my head made up for the throbbing ache in its cage. Earlier, Mistress explained that She thought the best way for Her to train Her slut was a series of increasingly longer periods of confinement each followed by rewards of freedom and release. So i fell asleep knowing that i may be confined in the chastity device for two days before there was any chance of freedom and relief.

Thank You for allowing me to post to Your website, i sincerely hope that this post is pleasing to You wonderful Goddess Mz Devon.

Humbly and submissively,

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5 Responses

  1. I’m very pleased you did your MP3 on your own this evening. Any boy that can take initiative to get simple things done with little or no effort on my part is definitely a tool to be kept under MY lock and key.

    Funny thing is, while you are sitting at home now excited about how long you get to be released from your cage tonight, I’m already thinking of your future release. Not these next 3 days taking you up to Wednesday… oh no, but what your reward will be for your 4 days after that – Sunday!

    If you guess what your reward will be, I’ll give you double time out tonight.

    You have 3 guesses.

    Guess wisely. If you get it wrong… I may cut your time out tonight in HALF!

    Feeling lucky, slut?

  2. Goddess Mz Devon:

    Your slut is feeling lucky to be serving You and thankful that You are pleased.

    Thank You for giving Your pet slut three chances to guess.

    my guesses are; 1 – getting to see Goddesses feet on webcam, 2 – getting to be released from chastity for three full hours on Sunday, and 3 – getting to see Goddesses feet on webcam and getting released from chastity for three full hours.

    Goddess, i hope and pray that i have guessed correctly.

    Humbly and submissively,

  3. We have a winner!

    Easy on the 3 hours though… don’t get too ahead of yourself.

  4. Dear Goddess Mz Devon:

    Super, super excited about the prospect of seeing Your gorgeous feet on webcam, wow. Does a winner possibly also get to spend some time out of confinement tonight, please Goddess?

    Humbly and submissively,

  5. 60 minutes begins in 10 minutes. Cage is back on at midnight my time.

    Oh and naturally… tribute first.

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