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Blog by didani

“Let’s see what you choose….”

That was Goddess Devon’s last sentence, which actually meant I have no choice. I had been a good slave for my old mistress for around 4 years, yet she chose to change her lifestyle and I was lost, looking like crazy all over the Net to find the True Goddess who will keep me in place and help me validate my existence…

I tried couple of long distance communications, tried to book few sessions, but I was never satisfied……until my eyes fall on Goddess Devon page, and I kept attached to those images, I couldn’t stop repeating reading her words over and over, I became an addict, I tried to call and never had a chance till today, and that was it, I’m done……

..I declare full surrender, and I neither know why, nor I want to know, something inside me tells me this is the One, the greatest, the honest decent true full Goddess, and I beg to be accepted in her stable.

I look forward to see her smiling, to know she is happy and satisfied, I’m sure it won’t be easy, but I promise to work hard, I used to arrange 2 vacations annually for my old queen, she always told me she was happy, I hope I will hear that from Goddess Devon one day while driving her to the airport and kissing her feet goodbye after a nice vacation.

It is a dream, ………I hope it will come true
Submissively yours

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2 Responses

  1. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my introduction was posted, I didn’t know if my Goddess is satisfied or is just mocking and making fun of her pet, whatever it was it validated my existence, and i hope Her majesty is satisfied.

    Thanks a million Goddess for putting the time to post my silly introduction, you are great.

  2. Start stocking up on those E-Certificates. I like them best when they come in BULK.

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