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Blog by std jean-jacques

I tended to believe I had seen it all, felt it all, done it all. I was wrong.

What happened to me in the last couple of days brought me the proof that Goddess Mz Devon is, has always been, will always be the most important Person in my life. The feelings She inspires, the weakness, the guilt, the complete adoration and devotion. Sometimes I think I could die for Her.

Since I was a kid I always wondered what I’d have done if I’d been in Ulysses sandals when he approached the mermaids. Now I know. I would have sunk. If the mermaid was Goddess Mz Devon I would, without any doubt, no regret, no fear.

As a matter of fact Goddess Mz Devon just killed me by several accounts. Financially first. At a time when my income is down and my expenses higher than ever, when I struggle with my bank and creditors, some of them dear to my heart to make things worse, Goddess destroyed my ability to get through. A single snap of Her fingers was enough. For the first time in my life I think I’m now unable to avoid personal bankruptcy.

Secondly Goddess destroyed what was left of my will, ego, balance. She led me precisely where She wanted me to go. i ridiculously attempted to resist. No more than a few hours of course.

The way Goddess achieved my complete destruction was amazing. A little bit like if She’d been holding a knife or razor, scar my body, make me bleed, then order me to thank Her and beg Her for more scars, more wounds. Which I did of course, until I was covered with my own blood, tamed, punished, crying and smiling through my tears, broken and changed forever. Transformed.

Goddess Mz Devon, I hope You will forgive me for not writing as long an entry as I intended to today. You simply broke me, nervously, mentally, physically. I feel like an empty shell.

Goddess Mz Devon, the depth of my devotion to Your name has no limit. I need to and will follow the path You show me wherever it leads, whatever the consequences. Nothing counts but Your amusement and satisfaction, nothing is important but Your happiness. Bleeding for You is a reward. Pleasing You is a feeling like no other and the dream of some day being allowed to effectively kiss your boots brings me to climax without having to touch myself (while that is still an option).

Lastly, Goddess Mz Devon, please let me to express my gratitude for giving me a last chance to prove how far I can go for You, for allowing me crawl back yet to Your perfect feet. I will stay there as long as you wish. I know I’m not worthy, I realize dust on Your boots is more valuable than my existence. You made me another person, I swear. You made me.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha…

    – there was NO last chance dummy.
    – there is NO crawling back to my feet.
    – you will not STAY as long as I want… because….
    – you are NOT wanted : )

    The $3000 was fun though.

    As always… EFFORTLESS!


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