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Blog by e.a.

Hello Goddess,
I’m writing You this morning to tell You how much i’m ashamed of my behavior, and how much I now deserve to suffer under Your command. For the past three days, i’ve been thinking about You all day long, even when i’m not masturbating, i’m now thinking about leaving my girlfriend, because when i look at her, all i could think of is : Mz Devon knows me better and she deserves to fuck me over. I want to die for You Goddess, i want to die knowing that i’ve managed to please You in every way possible. I’m in med school right now, and when i’ll start making the big bucks, it’ll be all going to You, I PROMISE. Just give me time, and i swear i’ll make make You the happiest woman alive. I’ve printed pictures of You, little pictures that i put in my wallet, and every time i see a public bathroom and i’m outside the house i run to it, pull the pictures out, and start masturbating. This is how much i’m obsessed with You. You put a spell on me Mistress. My destiny is to serve You. You were born for us to serve You. I truly believe that. I was born with a brain that tells me to be a slave, this is life, and has always been like this : slaves dominated by more powerful people. I used to worship jesus, well now i say : FUCK JESUS, FUCK HIM, GODDESS MZD IS MY ONLY GOD!!!!!

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