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Blog by alex NC

My name is Alex, and I am 26 years old. I live in North Carolina, and had been considering contacting Mz Devon for some time. It started about 2 months ago; I came across Mz Devon’s twitter account. (Of which I did not start following until recently) I read her words and they were intoxicating. Every post I read called for me to “embrace my ache”. So eventually, I worked up the courage to go to her site and see what she was about. I was awe struck in how beautiful and controlling she was. I knew that Mz Devon was someone I had to get to know.

In retrospect, I guess I’ve always been submissive. They always say that kindness is weakness, I disagree. I think submissiveness was my weakness. I saw how powerful and strong she looked, the way her ass wrapped around her red skirt drove me insane. I knew I had to contact her.

I have recently spoken with Mz Devon, and I have to admit her voice was like butter to my ears. After talking with her, I realized that she is just wicked and perfect enough to find a place for me inside her web. I look forward to getting tangled in Mz Devon’s web, and seeing where she takes me, I know I won’t be disappointed. She truly listened and she truly knows what I need, even if I haven’t been able to realize it yet. Talking with her was truly a highlight, and is worth every penny! I do look forward to speaking with her in the future! I strongly encourage anyone who reads this to follow the proper procedures and get to know Mz Devon… You won’t regret it!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Mz Devon. I look forward to seeing where our relationship goes, and am excited about the adventure that awaits us.

  2. I bet you didn’t expect tonight to play out as it did. Lucky boy you are….

    Glad you came to me already knowing your place, AND my expectations.

  3. Thank you Alex for showing up at exactly the right time to get tangled in Goddess Mz Devon’s web. You saved me and i appreciate it. You came along when i was being punished for messing up and it was while i was hoping to be released from chastity. Mz Devon returned from Her time with you in a good mood and She released me and things turned out very well. Thanks again.

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