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Blog by serveher

As instructed i am writing for You to explain a bit about how i’ve arrived at this particular state of being. i had looked over You wonderful site in the past and finally joined yesterday. After a few glitches (on my part) Goddess helped me via email and i accessed the Temple. Our email exchange led up to the introduction post (above) and then i called and was lucky to get You on the phone. We had a lovely conversation and thankfully You liked my post and had me read it for the mp3 posting.

Unfortunately for me i was assigned to remain in chastity and remain that way right now.

Speaking with You was wonderful and arousing and that made the chastity tighter and hurt a bit. The wonderful news is Your kindness.

Goddess has allowed me thirty minutes out of chastity! Time to enjoy Her mp3 files and “do my business.” i have been assigned to listen to the “Worship Goddess” group of mp3s. So, while Goddess showers and preps Herself for laser treatment tomorrow Her slave gets to play. Thank You Goddess. i will be right back, in just over thirty minutes.

i’m back and feeling great and very relieved especially where i needed relief. Goddess as You instructed me i am back into chastity and sorry, it took about thirty seconds more than my allotted thirty minutes to get everything tucked away properly. It takes a little ice to urge my parts back into their confinement but i made it and am now properly in chastity at Your direction.

i just love “The Voice that Owns You” and “Dance of the Puppet” of the Worship Goddess mp3s. i have to recommend “Surrender to Me” as well. True Devonites will not want to miss the rest of the series, “Introduction,” “Devonite vs. Pay Puppet,” and “Higher Existence” all touched deep places in my head.

i am tired in a pleasant physical way but still very excited because i am serving my Goddess. This period of confinement is my first at Your direction and that makes me feel very submissive, controlled and content.

Thank You so very much of allowing Your slave relief, i sincerely hope that You had a nice and relaxing shower. As You instruct i will be calling in after i post this.

Thank You for spending so much time with me tonight.

Humbly and submissively,

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