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Blog by serveher

Hail Mz Devon!

Goddesses pet cunt has been caged in this nasty chastity device for the last 34 days with only a few occasional breaks. Tonight Goddess is allowing some freedom and time for badly needed release from the aching and throbbing that accompanies being so tightly confined. Goddess is being extremely kind to Her pet slut including complimenting him saying, “since you’ve been so dedicated in your cuntdom … you can enjoy sleeping uncaged.”

But just as things were going so smoothly someone “got too comfortable and is being a brat.” i messed up by waiting to the last minute to tell Goddess about a trip forcing an interruption in training. Understandably Goddess was not pleased with this behavior. Goddess, however, laughed at me exhibiting Her brilliance and turned what could have been a negative into a positive.

Goddess generously spent a long time talking with me and explaining that She now had two weeks to think up new dirty tricks for my training. Now i have an entire trip to think of nothing but Goddess and what deviously challenging plans She has for me. i can’t wait to return and be back at Her feet to find out.

Humbly and submissively,

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