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Blog by andrew

I read the Devotional Musings blog chronicling the demise of Mz Devon’s pets. I wonder how did she do it? How did she fuck up their brains so much to make them all so completely obedient and willing to serve her?

Then I wonder, could she do it to me? Is she doing it to me right now? If she is, would I even know it?

I don’t have the answers. But the idea that Mz Devon is slowly turning me into one of her pets is exciting and terrifying.

I found Mz. Devon’s site through a femdom blog. When I read her website, I knew that she was something different. A true seductress. Then I bought an audio clip. And another. And another. Something about Mz. Devon’s voice made my cock hard. Really hard. And then she started invading my mind.

The worst part is, she told me what she’s going to do. She told me her voice will own me. She told me she will make it difficult or impossible for me to get hard or cum for anyone else. She told me that she will own my cock and control me with it.

I know Mz. Devon will ruin me. But when I hear her voice and stare at her beautiful eyes and large round breasts, I don’t care.


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