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Blog by slave mfemfe

To my Goddess Mz Devon

Well I tried for almost a month to stay away but lost the battle…each day I could hear Her wicked laugh in my head, picture her beautiful eyes and the unpaid mail tempted me to respond…

Eventually (inevitably), as soon as the credit card allowed it, I cracked. And my reward ..? Goddess simply laughed at me & upped the price.. I know I can’t compete with many of Mz Devon’s other pets, but I will do what I can to try & keep Her talking to me..

Why ? Because each time I see a new unread mail I feel my pulse start to race, i start trembling with the anticipation of reading just those few more words from such a beautiful Goddess… And yes I’m ashamed to admit i feel my cock start to stiffen. Then I know I’ve lost and will just have to pay for my stupidity …again. Thank you Mz Devon for bringing this loser to his knees for you.


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