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Blog by serveher

Dear Goddess Mz Devon:

Thank You for allowing Your pet cunt to post to Your site. Thank You even more for allowing me out of chastity for some badly needed relief tonight. It was difficult to be tightly locked up in a chastity device for the last 28 straight days with minimal supervised freedom but that just made tonight’s freedom more enjoyable.

Goddess has been increasing the periods between release and i’ve just made it a full week for Her. The aching and frustration was almost to the point of being unbearable but i made it. The uncaging clip shows how badly my cock was aching for freedom and was yearning for some room to stretch out.

Goddess kindly spent a lot of time with be while i was out of chastity tonight. She was creatively planning out some of the possibilities for my future training including possibly longer or blessedly shorter periods of confinement. Bottom line is that Goddess Mz Devon is clearly in control, right where She should be and i am lucky to be serving and amusing Her.

After all the fun and relief i did have to be corralled back into this tight tube that i inhabit seemingly forever.

It is tough to be recaged because initially a slight panic sets in like losing something important forever. With a little time of getting used to the physical confinement the panic dissipates and slowly i come to grips with days of chastity ahead. Now i’m back in and will soon learn what Goddess has planned for me.

Thank You Goddess for training You pet slut. Thank You for time out of chastity tonight, Hail Mz Devon.

Humbly and submissively,

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  1. Hail Mz Devon, thank You Mz Devon!
    Thank You Goddess for posting my submission to Your site. It is an honor and privilege to be trained by You. The aching and throbbing never goes away. Whimpering away for Your amusement and pleasures.
    Humbly and submissively,

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