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Blog by serveher

Thank You for allowing Your slut to post to Your wonderful website. Being able to share my thoughts and feelings with You makes me feel closer to You but also consequently more firmly under Your control.

You have now kept me caged in this chastity device for the last 26 days, nearly one month. In the last 15 days i have only been out of this cage twice for a total of about four hours. The rest of the time, no matter where i am or what i am doing, working, shopping, exercising, eating or trying to sleep my genitals are tightly bound. It is particularly distressing to have my penis packed into a seemingly too tight and too short tube of hard plastic that prevents much movement or any but the most minor stimulation.

It all goes back to early last month when i happened upon Goddesses’ terrific website and its beautiful pictures of Mz Devon. i am submissive by nature and believe that my natural place is serving a powerful Goddess. Upon finding Goddess Mz Devon’s site i was awestruck by Her beauty but perhaps more importantly by Her depth and breadth of Her intelligence. She clearly understood Her superior place and the powerful need of submissive pets to serve, amuse, please and entertain Her. So, because it seemed just oh so right i emailed Her to compliment Her saying, “Dearest Goddess Mz Devon: You have an incredible website and are absolutely the most beautiful mistress on the internet. Thank You for the awesome site. Humbly and submissively, Yours”

Much to my surprise Goddess Mz Devon replied saying simply that my message would have been far more interesting attached to a tribute. i was excited to hear from the Goddess and soon joined the website and before long was able to arrange a call with Mz Devon. i had minimal experience with phone domination and none at all with serving an online Goddess before speaking with Mz Devon. Her voice is music to my ears and makes me hang on Her every word. She is playful, stern and all knowing at the same time and obviously had me pegged in no time. Goddess had me hooked on Her brain, beauty and just aching to please Her in no time.

Separately i had been corresponding with a potential nearby lifestyle mistress to serve. That woman had me buy some toys before our first meeting and among the toys was a chastity device. i was a little reluctant to buy a prison for part of my body that i enjoy controlling and playing with so very much but went ahead and made the purchase. Serving this domme never came to fruition but i had a box of toys and being a curious sort decided to “try on” the chastity device. It was an interesting feeling and i was trying to wear it for a few hours as a personal experiment in endurance. While wearing it i was planning on joining Mz Devon’s site, entering the Temple area enjoying the delights therein and then removing the device and engaging in one of my favorite hobbies. i knew that this would be a wonderfully fun and enjoyable way to climax. Things worked out very differently.

After messing up my password to the Temple, Goddess wound up helping me and during our conversation i revealed my plan and that i was locked in a chastity device. Goddess sounded somewhat gleeful saying, “… I’m not sure if I even WANT your stick released when you access my site. I do adore a caged slut.” So i guess Goddess adores me because i’ve been in the very tight cage almost constantly since that very night, making me Her caged slut.

Before Goddess ordered me to lock myself up i had not given much thought to male chastity generally or my chastity in particular. So it started out with a little excitement as a way to follow Goddesses instructions and be following them continuously even when not in contact with Her. But as the periods of confinement have grown longer and i get to spend virtually no time masturbating unless under supervised release this has grown very difficult. i feel very trapped in a very core visceral sort of way with my genitals securely locked away. Goddess had me get numbered locks so there is no cheating or sneaking a rub. i also feel emotionally and intellectually trapped, not know what She has in store for me and relying totally on Her say so for physical, sexual release. Nearly a month into this it clearly is much more than i had expected and the fact that Goddess Mz Devon seems to know exactly what She is doing makes it even more scary for me.

The physical part get increasingly more difficult each passing day. For about a day after release i feel almost ok, sort of normal. But then it seems by testicles start swelling and getting increasingly tender. Now, five days since my last period of freedom by balls are hitting the insides of my thigh when i walk. If i am not careful sitting down my tender sack will hit before my butt and cause me wincing pain, not fun at all. Then there is the penis pain. When feelings of arousal present themselves the cage just feels like it is squeezing the life out of me. The top of my head squeezes through the small opening for pee at the end of the tube and is especially sensitive just rubbing on the fabric of my pants. But worst of all is that dull ache that spreads up from my balls into my lower abdomen, like the feeling after getting hit in the balls in sports. This is not pain in the balls (which is there too) but a worse pain, deep internal lower stomach ache can double you over even if pain tolerant. The physical pain and discomfort was more than i expected or bargained for and i hope Goddess will have pity going forward and allow me a less restrictive schedule.

i am not sure where this journey is taking me or where the final destination lays. Goddess Mz Devon is clearly and firmly in control and i am a mere puppet for Her amusement. That is difficult to live with, up until the moment She provides even the slightest praise, “good cunt” is now something the warms my heart and makes my cage feel tighter. Goddess please continue to train, guide and use me for Your desires i am indeed Your property and caged property at that.

Goddess thank You for allowing me to post to Your site.

Humbly and submissively,

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  1. Your power over us is so great Goddess. i’m enjoying this story very much. i remain devoted to You.

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