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Blog by serveher

Hail Mz Devon!

Goddess Mz Devon has instructed me to blog about my two week hiatus from chastity training and not being available to Her. She explained that i, “have some major ass kissing to do” and that i “better be planning on getting right down to business.”

It is a little difficult to write because just the thought of kissing the most divinely beautiful ass of Goddess Mz Devon is tremendously exciting but will unfortunately only happen in my dreams.

After having spent over an entire month locked tightly in a chastity device it was a big change to suddenly be feeling so free. It is not that i was getting used to being confined but it had become a consistently palpable reminder of Mz Devon’s control and deep reach into my life. In a nutshell it felt absolutely wonderful and normal to not have the cage holding my genitals so tightly in such an immobile position and allowing virtually no stimulation of my penis. It was great to wake up in the morning with the normal “morning wood” and if things were right, to be able to enjoy that all the way to a climactic conclusion. It was great to wash my entire body including the most sensitive parts thoroughly and with complete freedom. Being a boxer man, it was very nice to have that feeling of hanging loose without any tight ring encircling my package and the narrow tube suffocating my cock.

i enjoyed the freedom but definitely missed Goddess Mz Devon’s control of me. Being a worshipper of the ultimate Goddess, i want and need to have regular contact with Her and i missed that in a very big way. The only consolation in my absence was being extremely busy during my travels which helped partially take my mind off the Goddess. Of course i was not able to, nor would i want to completely take my mind off Goddess Mz Devon. She was there embedded in my brain in all Her beautiful glory. During our last session, Goddess cleverly planted mental images including specific images to go with my most intimate and private activities ensuring Her strong and deepening control of Her pet cunt. Of course it worked and no matter whatever or whoever i was up to, i could hear the Goddess i worship clearly in my head.

Hail Mz Devon, thank You Mz Devon!

Goddess told me before my trip that she would now have plenty of time to plan many new dirty things to do to Her slut. She felt that i was getting to complacent and this would be good to push me and mold me more to Her liking. Thinking of what Goddess was planning for me also crept regularly back into my mind. She explained that to go with the chastity device and numbered locks She would have me order other things to use on me and i needed to be ready to be pushed and stretched. The brilliance of the Goddess knows no limits and Her comments had me thinking and worrying for the entirety of my travels.

From You tweets i can see You have been very busy Goddess so i sincerely hope that You can still find time for training Your slut. Thank You for allowing me to post to You site. Thank You for being a wonderful, beautiful Goddess who takes time to amuse Herself by playing with Her devoted puppets.

Hail Mz Devon!

Humbly and submissively,

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  1. serveherMarch 2, 2011 @ 1:40 amReply

    Hail Mz Devon!
    Thank You Goddess for posting my humble blog on Your wonderful website. You honor Your pet cunt allowing the posting.
    Thank You for training me and being the femdom royalty i was born to serve.
    Humbly and submissively,

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